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Owning and renting residential and commercial properties involves constant attention and work, especially if you rent apartments or houses to college students. With more than 20,000 enrolled at Northern Illinois University, landlords have tremendous earning potential. They also have an increased likelihood of frequent issues with young renters and their parents.

Regardless of who you rent to, or if it is a residence or business, sometimes eviction is unavoidable. When tenants do not pay or damage your valuable property, they leave you no choice. To avoid dealing with the difficult and burdensome eviction process, trust Landlord Evictions, LLC to do it for you. Our proven and effective eviction methods ensure the most timely eviction possible.

Evicting a Tenant in Illinois

When a residential eviction becomes necessary, it is critical you adhere to Illinois law, which forbids threatening a tenant, changing their locks, or turning off their utilities to force their exit. Landlord Evictions, LLC follows all state and local statutes to avoid any unnecessary legal complications.

When you decide to evict a tenant, we will draft and deliver the required five-day notice that requests full payment of their balance. If you do not receive payment in the time allowed, we will seek an order of eviction through the court of the county in which the unit is located. That order should be granted within four to six weeks, and if the renter still will not vacate after it is delivered, we will ask the county sheriff to enforce the order.

If you have to evict a tenant who pays month-to-month, they require a 30-day notice, but all other procedures still apply.

Evicting a Business Tenant

Unfortunately, sometimes those who rent commercial space from you must be evicted. Landlord Evictions, LLC has extensive experience in these matters. We will provide the necessary five-day notice for non-payment, 10-day notice for a different lease violation, or 30-day notice for a month-to-month tenant. If we have to request an eviction order from the court, the renter is allowed a bench or jury trial, unless their lease agreement forbids the latter. At the hearing, which typically occurs within three weeks, we will show the court why the eviction is necessary, including all related evidence to prove your case. Once the order is granted, if the tenant still fails to comply, we will ask the sheriff's office to compel their exit.

Lease and Drafting Services

You do not want to use a lease template for this essential legal document, as they often exclude key elements that can play a factor in eviction proceedings. Landlord Evictions, LLC customizes lease agreements specific to your property, because each building has its own unique characteristics and needs. Our goal is to make sure you are protected.

Contact a DeKalb County Landlord Attorney

Remove the arduous task of evicting tenants from your busy schedule. Trust Landlord Evictions, LLC to handle it for you, and to create the lease agreements you need for a successful enterprise. Contact a DeKalb landlord lawyer at 630-780-1034.


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