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Whether you manage one rental property or dozens, the process of evicting a tenant can be a real drain on a property owner or manager's time. Whether the property in question is residential or commercial, the eviction process is basically the same. It requires multiple steps that must be completed accurately and in a timely sequence over a period of weeks.

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we have built a system to execute commercial evictions and residential evictions in a very cost-efficient and timely manner. By turning the whole process over to us, landlords can focus on more important matters.

Do I Really Need an Attorney to Handle Evictions?

The ready availability of low-cost "eviction paperwork kits" makes it seem like the eviction process is simple, and with a cooperative tenant, a landlord would not even need those forms. The problem is, no one can really predict when a tenant will suddenly turn uncooperative. Some tenants will purposely evade service of legal notices and employ stalling tactics to delay eviction as long as possible. Suddenly, what seemed like a simple process has become a huge hassle.

Hiring an experienced evictions attorney will ensure that the correct legal process is followed, so that problem tenants are swiftly removed.

NOTE: If the landlord is an LLC or Corporation, an attorney is required to handle court filings and trials.

Both residential and commercial evictions in Illinois are governed by state statute 735 ILCS 5/Art. IX - Evictions (formerly known as the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act, updated January 1, 2018, primarily to modernize the terminology).

Why Choose Landlord Evictions, LLC?

  • Minimal landlord time and expense: With just a phone call or email, we can handle the entire tenant eviction process for you (or any part of it), including notice drafting, process serving, court filings and appearances, and collections (including judgments, liens, and wage garnishment). We help you deal with problem tenants in the most timely, cost-efficient manner. We are also transparent about pricing; see our Frequently Asked Questions page for details.
  • Improved cash flow: We have developed a systematic, team-based approach to evictions, so that each step in the eviction process is handled accurately and without delay. Our swift and sure process helps you secure and re-lease each rental unit as quickly as possible and recover past-due rent and other costs.
  • Responsive and landlord-focused: When you encounter serious problems with tenants or unknown occupants, you will be likely to need legal assistance to evict them, and your need may be urgent. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, our staff will act swiftly to resolve your tenant issues in a way that is in your, the landlord's, best interest.
  • Evictions experience: We understand the technicalities of landlord-tenant law and local court practices at a depth that simply cannot be matched by most real estate attorneys (who typically focus on sales transactions or boundary disputes). Our attorney and staff have completed countless evictions from simple to complex, always working in the landlord's best interests. We are sharp and resourceful when it comes to removing problem tenants efficiently.
  • Easy communication: Through our cloud-based client portal, you have direct access to all of your legal documents 24/7, and you can communicate securely with your attorney and our other staff members.
  • Preventive solutions: We can draft residential leases and commercial leases tailored to the unique characteristics of your rental properties and to your needs as a landlord. We can also help you negotiate resolutions to tenant disputes in a value-oriented manner, avoiding the need to go to court.

Complete Lease and Eviction Services for Landlords

To maintain the profitability of your rental properties, you need tightly written rental agreements to lock in the good tenants and an efficient eviction process to remove the bad ones. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, our practice is tightly focused on the legal needs of landlords, including:

Naperville Evictions Attorney for Landlords

When you need to evict a tenant, you need an attorney who can do it fast and do it right. Contact Landlord Evictions, LLC at 630-780-1034. We serve both commercial and residential landlords with properties in DuPage County, Kane County, Kendall County, Grundy County, and Will County.


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