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The types of properties managed by commercial landlords run the gamut: office space, restaurants, retail, strip malls, industrial buildings, warehouses, self-storage facilities, parking facilities, even farming properties. The types of commercial landlord-tenant disputes can be equally varied, although the most common problem is non-payment of rent.

As a commercial landlord, you know that cash flow is king. Yet many landlords lose months of rental income due to tenant disputes that can often be traced to poorly-written lease agreements.

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we have learned from experience that many commercial landlord-tenant disputes can be prevented by a tightly-written lease. For a very reasonable fee, we will prepare a lease that is customized to the unique aspects of your property and your needs as a landlord. Because our landlord-focused practice also includes landlord notice drafting and commercial evictions, we are very familiar with the types of problems that can arise with commercial tenants and how much they can cost a landlord. Our commercial leases are designed to minimize risk and maximize legal protection for the landlord, while complying with all Illinois state and local laws.

The Right Attorney to Write Commercial Leases

The nuances of a commercial lease can make or break a business's bottom line, so this is not a good place to skimp or use the wrong lawyer. Many real estate attorneys focus primarily on sales transactions. Many business-focused attorneys are knowledgeable about contracts in general but lack experience in landlord-tenant issues. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to serving the needs of landlords.

Benefits of a Customized Commercial Lease

Here are some of the benefits of having us draft your commercial leases:

Mitigate Landlord Risk

The larger and more complex the property, the greater the potential for landlord-tenant disputes and lawsuits. We take the time to make sure each commercial lease is worded in a way that minimizes legal risks for the landlord, helping to avoid lawsuits resulting from tenant negligence and the cost of frivolous litigation initiated by the tenant.

Minimize Ambiguity and Potential for Disputes

Lease agreements that lack substance and specificity leave a landlord open to protracted tenant disputes that become costly in terms of time as well as money. We carefully consider the unique needs of each landlord and property to make sure that the lease is comprehensive. For example, a commercial lease should detail:

  • Permitted and prohibited uses of the property.
  • Specific agreements regarding any build-out.
  • What is and is not included in the rent (e.g., utilities and property taxes).
  • Rules for tenant alterations (e.g., landlord pre-approval required and what condition the property must be left in when the tenant moves out).
  • Options for the tenant to expand or reduce space.
  • Who is responsible for what types of repairs (e.g., upgrading wiring for the latest computer technology, upgrading HVAC systems as needed, making sure safety codes are met, and maintaining ADA compliance).
  • Sublease and assignment rights.
  • Processes for alternative dispute resolution.

Protect Landlord Cash Flow

Our attorneys make sure that commercial leases are written to protect the landlord from excessive expenses and extended loss of rental income. This includes, for example, clauses related to:

  • Rent payments, including preferred method of payment, due dates, grace periods, and late fees
  • Rent increases
  • Lease termination
  • Security deposits

Manage all rental-related activity with one firm

In addition to lease drafting, Landlord Evictions, LLC also provides 5-day notice and 30-day notice services and eviction services for commercial landlords. To make things as easy as possible for our clients, we offer a cloud-based client portal where you can access all of your documents 24/7 and exchange secure messages with our attorneys and staff. To keep your costs low, we have built a streamlined system to manage tenant notices and evictions.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn about our transparent pricing.

Custom Lease Drafting for Commercial Landlords

For all of your commercial lease drafting and review needs, contact Landlord Evictions, LLC at 630-780-1034. We serve landlords with commercial rental properties in DuPage County, Kane County, Kendall County, Grundy County, and Will County.


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