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 Posted on March 20, 2023 in Residential Landlord Evictions

plano rental property lawyersIn the past couple of years dealing with Covid-19, renters have grown more confident, which has increased landlords' challenges beyond the rent arrears and overbearing government rules, which were previous challenges to owning residential property, especially in Plano and the neighboring areas of Kendall County, IL.

Landlords have specific requirements to follow and legal needs as property owners, including handling eviction of tenants, protecting their assets, starting their business, and estate planning. 

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we deal with eviction cases daily, from straightforward to complicated, supporting landlords dealing with evictions in various ways, including creating, drafting, and executing eviction notices, making sure these important documents are completed and submitted appropriately. Of course, our attorneys also take care of other complex legal requirements. 


Helping rental property owners in Plano


Attorneys at Landlord Evictions, LLC assist with legal requirements, including, but not limited to:


  • Tenant Eviction from rental properties;
  • Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation Legislation for Owners of Rental Property;
  • Estate Planning and Trust Services for Landlords;
  • Real Estate Closings: Purchases and Sales of Real Estate, Including Rentals, Investment Properties, and 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges;
  • Coordination of real estate, estate planning, and asset protection goals; business formation and LLC structure advice; implementation of series LLCs; 
  • And tax planning for real estate owners and investors.


Attorneys for Rental Property Evictions in Plano


Being a landlord is a tricky business and is made much more difficult by understanding complex eviction procedures. Uncooperative and disruptive tenants can restrict cash flow, making the landlord industry unprofitable. When a residential eviction is required, Illinois state law prohibits landlords from locking out tenants, turning off the heat and water, or conducting self-help evictions.


The eviction procedures in Plano and the neighboring Kendall County regions are generally understood among landlords, who know they must carefully follow the requirements outlined below.  


  1. The creation of eviction notices is the first stage of the eviction procedure. The three prominent notices are five, ten, and thirty-day notices, or a combination of all three. We advise landlords, evaluate their written or oral agreements, and help them choose how to dismiss undesirable tenants or recover unpaid rent.
  2. The eviction notice delivery is the second stage in the eviction procedure. Most landlords need help to end a month-to-month lease or an expired rental agreement appropriately. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we collaborate with landlords to help them achieve property protection and get through all the necessary processes to help evict tenants without hassle; we understand and abide by local and state requirements, which avoids unnecessary delays in the Plano and Kendall County eviction procedure.


Filing Complaints for Rental Property Owners in Plano


A complaint is a written lawsuit that requests relief from the Kendall County courts. This official document describes

  •  The nature of the eviction issue, 
  • The terms of the applicable rental agreement, and 
  • The manner and timing of how and when the landlord (or its agent) served the required eviction papers on the renters and other occupants.


A legal complaint for forceful entrance includes a formal demand for compensation and an order granting possession of the rental property unit. In a lawsuit for forceful entrance and detention, damages frequently include the following: 


  • Rent that is still owed beyond the move-out date; 
  • Late fees, if applicable; 
  • court expenses and fees for delivering legal papers; and 
  • Reasonable legal costs, if allowed under the signed residential lease.


As experts with the eviction process in the Plano and Kendall County regions, the Gateville Law Firm also often discovers ways to recover legal expenses, court costs, unpaid rent, and late fees for you.


A court order of possession gives the tenant a window of time to vacate the premises before the landlord intervenes. It's crucial to remember that the Kendall County Court frequently allows a maximum 14-day possession stay starting from the first court appearance. It is implied by staying the order of possession that the landlord won't be able to get their hands on the property for some time.

If a tenant stays over the time the court allows, the landlord or their legal agent may begin the procedure of forceful eviction.


Unpaid Rent and Liability Concerns in Plano


The founder of Landlord Evictions, LLC has extensive expertise defending landlords and property owner's assets; successful landlords who lost all of their rental properties during the 2008 Recession as a result of one lawsuit and poor asset protection could have avoided those losses if they had established an LLC or some other variation of increased asset protection, like a hybrid of a corporation and a partnership. 


It is important to note that an LLC is ignored for tax reasons; therefore, you must file your taxes under your or your family's name if you want to pay them. 

Recessions and situations like COVID-19 can lead to litigation and tenant problems such as non-payment of rent claims. The advantage of a Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is the defense of one's assets against such liability claims.


Asset Protection Strategies for Owners of Rental Property in Plano


Landlord Evictions, LLC specializes in asset protection and estate preparation for rental property owners and real estate investors in Plano and the neighboring areas of Kendall County. Because attorneys that specialize in estate planning are ignorant of title and real estate concerns and real estate attorneys, lack a thorough understanding of effective asset protection and estate planning techniques, Landlord Evictions, LLC established the specialty of Real Estate Legacy Law to fill the gap between real estate and estate planning attorneys.


Estate Planning for Owners of Rental Property in Plano


It is highly recommended that rental property owners plan their estates, as real estate properties can result in drawn-out, expensive probate court cases and should be avoided if possible. Legal expenses and expenditures for court battles can run into thousands of dollars and cause other avoidable difficulties.

A living trust, like a will, is an estate planning strategy that specifies how a person intends to divide their possessions and other assets when they pass away or become incapacitated. If correctly drafted, a living trust, also known as a "Revocable Living Trust" or "Trust," avoids probate court, in contrast to a will. The Living Trust has the advantage of 


  • Avoiding judicial proceedings,
  • Minimizing taxes, and 
  • Lowering legal bills.


Owners of rental properties in Plano and neighboring Kendall County areas should also consider protecting their assets by forming Land Trusts and LLCs. The capacity to protect your personal property from liens and penalties is the goal of a Land Trust. Because the LLC will be the beneficial owner of your rental property, the LLC and the Land Trust combine to benefit the property owner by lowering your liability worries while maximizing asset protection.


Sale and Purchase of Real Estate by Landlords and Rental Property Owners in Plano


Suppose you are a landlord or rental property owner in Plano or the neighboring areas of Kendall County who cannot sustain the business for whatever reason. In that case, you can always look into the sale of your property. But on the other hand, if you want to rent or purchase your first piece of real estate or expand your existing real estate portfolio, we can help you with the entire process. One example is title problems, which are issues that might affect the sale or purchase of real estate investments or investment properties and are covered by Title Insurance.


For real estate, attorneys need a strong foundation in Title Insurance and legal experience. Landlord Evictions, LL has real estate experience that other law firms don't because of our familiarity with Title Insurance; our law firm is staffed with experts that collectively have over 50 years of Title Insurance expertise. Over the last 25 years, our real estate team has also successfully carried out hundreds of closings. This degree of expertise is essential to aid landlords and property owners in avoiding the pitfalls of owning real estate. 


Contact A Qualified Rental Property Attorney In Plano And Kendall County


Unlike many law firms, Landlord Evictions, LLC employs attorneys constantly drafting real estate paperwork. We also assist landlords or rental property owners in formulating, submitting, filing eviction actions, and drafting and issuing other essential documents. As a result, you can be confident that we will quickly resolve your complaints and eviction issues when needed.


Landlord Evictions, LLC in Plano and the rest of Kendall County will handle any legal requirements with your rental property swiftly and efficiently. Our attorneys and support staff specialize in all sorts of real estate concerns you may have. You can use our online contact form or dial 630-780-1034 to contact our legal team.




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