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When dealing with landlord evictions issues, you want a law firm that will be responsive and experienced at landlord eviction law. Our staff members are experienced, proactive, and responsive to landlord eviction and customer service needs.


Blanca is a real estate paralegal and she is bilingual in English and Spanish. Blanca joined our legal team in 2017 after working for real estate tax buyers and real estate title companies. Blanca still works independently for a small real estate title company, where she is a closer.

Prior to joining Landlord Evictions, LLC, Blanca worked as an escrow title manager and a real estate closer for a real estate title company. Blanca’s background in real estate includes real estate tax issues, underwriting issues, and real estate title issues. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, Blanca works with our attorneys to file court dates with the court system to support the landlord eviction process for landlords. Additionally, Blanca works closely with our real estate law firm, Landlord Evictions, LLC.

Blanca is experienced in working with landlords and real estate investors with regards to their real estate and investment needs. Blanca prepares closing documents, asset protection related real estate documents, and other landlord eviction legal services support for our real estate and eviction legal team.


Theresa is a senior paralegal with over six (6) years of real estate law experience. With her customer-centric approach, she assists Landlord Evictions, LLC with their concerns, files court-related documents, drafts eviction lawsuit complaints, and drafts appropriate five (5) day and thirty (30) day notices, among other things. Theresa also works with our private process server to make sure our landlords' tenants are properly served and obtain a copy of their court orders and court-related documents. Theresa is a certified paralegal and has a strong background in dealing with mortgages, liens, bankruptcy, and foreclosure law, among other real estate issues. Theresa received her Paralegal AAS Program in March 2012. Theresa is a member of the Illinois Paralegal Association (IPA) and a resident of Plainfield, Illinois.


Cindy’s paralegal experience spans family law, corporate law, litigation, and probate. Her skills include landlord evictions, real estate closings, and title clearance. Cindy works with our landlords to service their eviction legal needs, and she drafts appropriate notices, files court-related documents, and communicates with our landlord eviction clients to keep them well-informed about the landlord eviction process. Cindy received her Paralegal Certificate from Northeastern College and her Business Administration degree from Saint Xavier University. Cindy is a member of the Illinois Paralegal Association (IPA) and resides in Plainfield, Illinois.


Paulina is the General Manager for Landlord Evictions, LLC, and she works hard to make sure clients are happy and the legal process, software, and systems are efficient and customer friendly. Landlord Evictions, LLC uses the latest cloud-based legal software, which keeps clients informed about their legal matters and is a place for clients and the legal team to upload current legal documents and notices.


Rose is the administrative assistant who answers the telephones, mails our legal notices, communicates with clients regarding their status updates, and corresponds with clients, opposing attorneys, and other parties to send out Landlord Eviction legal documents to create a smooth eviction process for our landlord clients. Rose provides superior customer service and attention to detail. As the administrative assistant for our attorneys and paralegal staff, Rose provides superior customer support to our clients. Rose’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. Rose and her husband live in Yorkville, Illinois.


Mari-Beth answers the telephone for Landlord Evictions, LLC and is the first voice landlords hear when they call our offices. Mari-Beth is our receptionist and administrative assistant who works with our legal team and provides a responsive and smooth process for our landlords with regards to the eviction process. Mari-Beth also assists our paralegals, administrative assistants, and attorneys with the Landlord eviction process. Mari-Beth resides in Naperville with her family.

Landlord Evictions, LLC has an exceptional legal team which is well-compensated and provides high customer service for our landlords. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and legal expertise with regards to the landlord eviction process. We exceed our clients' and referral partners’ expectations.


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