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Being a residential or commercial property landlord is a time-consuming often complicated endeavor, which is made more difficult when you must confront a tenant who owes you money or has not lived up to other terms of their lease agreement. There comes a point when the only option is an eviction.

Landlord Evictions, LLC is prepared to handle this unfortunate part of the business for you. We have developed a proven course of action designed to ensure the exit of problematic renters so you can soon insert new tenants in their place. We also offer other services that can make your job even easier.

Rental Property Eviction Process

When it appears non-compliance with a lease agreement will leave you no choice but to evict a renter, do not threaten them, lock them out, or shut off their utilities, as Illinois law does not allow these tactics. Still, if you show a tenant too much generosity, they may feel they have no reason to pay or vacate.

When you entrust Landlord Evictions, LLC to execute your evictions, we follow local and state procedures with precision. Our first step is to draft and present the renter with a five-day notice to pay the amount owed. If payment does not occur in that timeframe, we will file for an eviction order in the county where the property is located. From this point, you can expect to take control of the property within four to six weeks if the renter has not vacated by then.

The process is the same for month-to-month renters, except they require a 30-day notice. With both situations, if the forced removal of a tenant becomes necessary, we will ask the county sheriff to fulfill that duty.

Community Property Eviction Process

If you rent out a commercial property, Landlord Evictions, LLC can pursue legal action that compels a delinquent renter to leave, whether it is an office space, industrial facility, warehouse, retail operation, restaurant, or other business. We will present the tenant with a five-day notice for non-payment, a 10-day notice for a different violation of lease terms, or a 30-day notice for a month-to-month renter. If the tenant still fails to comply, we will file for an order of eviction.

Commercial renters are entitled to a bench or jury trial, unless lease terms prohibit the latter. These hearings typically take place within three weeks of the initial filing. Landlord Evictions, LLC will represent you during the proceedings, to convey the reasons for the eviction, including evidential proof. When the order is granted, if the renter remains in noncompliance, sheriff's deputies will force them to leave.

Drafting Leases

While it may seem like a quick and easy solution, you do not want to use a lease template when creating lease agreements for your rental properties. Because every property has its own unique characteristics and needs, Landlord Evictions, LLC customizes residential and commercial leases accordingly, in complete accordance with applicable statutes for your guaranteed protection.

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Landlord Evictions, LLC wants to make your rental business easier to run. Trust us to handle your eviction and lease drafting needs. To learn more about how a Joliet landlord lawyer can help, contact us at 630-780-1034.


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